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Pink Satin Star Dress

Pink satin star dress for puppies and small dogs.

The girl who shows up wearing this will be the centre of attention. There will be no end to the complements and cuddles bestowed upon her. Boys will wanna be near her and girls will wanna be her because she is the cutest and most beautiful pup in all the land. Standing out from the crowd you'll be the shining star at any party in this dress.

*Please refer to size chart: All doggies are different, so make sure you have measured your pooch. Materials also differ, some stretch more than others, if your pup is fluffy consider a larger size :)


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  • lovlolly pet wear size chart

  • Details

    • Condition - 100% Brand New.
    • Material - Cotton and Acrylic
    • Fade resistant
    • Soft, smooth comfortable
    • Sizes - S, M, L